Why would you like the wave pool?

The wave pool is a unique solution for parks with water attractions, of those currently operating in Ukraine. If you pass through the whole territory of the park, in the farthest corner of it you will receive a worthy reward - a wave pool combined with a sandy beach.

Even adults turn into children, swinging on the waves, needless to say about the youngest visitors of the water park. Water heals and relaxes. While swinging on the waves, you will feel an effect comparable to that achieved with body massage. It is extremely pleasant and useful for the body, besides, waves are injected with a certain periodicity and intensity, adjusting the work of internal organs to the correct frequency.

Waves start every hour for 20 minutes. The start of the event is signaled by a bell ringing heard in any part of the park. As the depth of the pool varies from a few centimeters to 2 meters, the rescuers are constantly on duty at its edge, ready to come to help in an extreme situation. However, it is rather a kind of insurance, because we have a life vest for every child, and it’s completely free.

It should be noted the convenient location of the pool. It is located in the closest proximity to the artificial river and slides, so if you wish, you can dilute moderate rest with active time.