Slow river

The slow river of the “Odessa” Waterpark rightfully bears the title of the most useful attraction. Why? Because it does not only decorate the park, but also acts as the main transport artery connecting the slides, pools and other objects. When designing the park, the engineers and architects had the task of unloading the lines on the slides. How to do it? As it is impossible to accelerate the descent from the hill, you can slow down the return to the attraction after the descent. The slow river did an excellent job.

The slow or lazy river is the highlight of our park, provides internal logistics, and allows you to get even more pleasure from seemingly routing actions. While visitors swim along it, the lines quietly melt. The flow of the river is 5 km / h. This indicator allows you to reach your destination after 5-10 people go down the slide. This is most convenient, because you do not need to stand in line. Instead, you will enjoy communicating with water, ambling lazily to the intended attraction.

The slowest river is liked by the smallest visitors of the water park. It is quite shallow, and at the same time has a current, so the kids do not need to make special efforts to move on it. Travel through the water park in the most natural way for this place - by water!