Extreme slides in the water park

There’s no secret that the heart of any water park is a water slide. Waterpark Odessa is no exception. Moreover, these water rides we have in abundance!

There are no two identical slides, even if their design seems similar. It is enough to change the descent height per meter, and you will get a completely different impression of using the slide. Here you will find high-speed, curved slopes, as well as slides with sharp drops, drains and turns. We have everything so that your mood and the mood of your children remained positive throughout the entire stay in the park.

Аквапарк Одессы

The real pride of our park are three giant slides: Rocket, Kamikaze and Blue Rocket. These water rides reach a height of 18.5 meters. Just imagine how exciting to descent from the height of a 7-storey building can become. Want to stretch your fun? Then welcome to the longest slide called Barrel. The length of Barrel slalom is as much as 200 meters. Many slides lead to an artificial half-mile river, so immediately after descent you can luxuriate in the water.

The most extreme, unique and memorable slides are collected in the water park Odessa. We guarantee that in southern Ukraine you will no longer meet such entertainment anywhere. Many slides are combined into single complexes so that you can extend the pleasure of protracted descents.

Water Park Limitations

Please note that each water ride has restrictions on height and weight. Only 3 out of 27 do not need to use additional devices in the form of rugs, inflatable "buns" or inflatable circles. Compliance with safety regulations is the basis of a pleasant pastime.

We pay special attention to safety, carefully check all slides for constructive integrity, use a modern access control system that avoids the moments when children rest without adult supervision.