Main pool

The main pool of the water park "Odessa" is a place of rest for adults and children. Its creation was focused on convenience and universality. Guided by these principles, we have provided:

What is the main pool interesting about?

In addition to the unique, thoughtful design, the main pool boasts such an interesting option as artificial waves created at the beginning of each hour. Waves are generated for 20 minutes, so this time will be enough for outdoor activities. Before the hydraulic system turns on, the sound of the bell is spread around the park so that everyone can enjoy this unconditionally fun event.

While designing the main pool, we also tried to achieve the feeling of being on the Black Sea beach. And mainly this effect was achieved through the use of sand. The makeshift sandy beach organically fit into the structure of the park, has become an important attraction.

Rest by the main pool has no limitations. For example, if due to anthropometric features (weight, height restrictions) you cannot go down from the slide, you have the opportunity to rest by the pool, swing on the waves, have a cocktail, lying on a soft sun lounge.