The rules of conduct
in the water park

We draw your attention to certain rules in force in our water park

- Get there as at a beach:)
- Waterproof bracelet (issued at the cash register) operating on the territory of the water park. Thanks to it you open your cell (the number of lockers is limited and is only available to adults on request!), in the locker room, and also turn on cameras on slides, photos from which can be printed in the photo shop at the entrance to the Water Park.

Bracelets allow you to enter the Water Park only once!
- It is advisable in decent :) It is better not to ride on slides in pareo.
EN: - Up to 3 years (inclusive). Also, free entrance to those on their birthday if they are 18 years old or less.
EN: - No, but we have a store that sells everything you need.
EN: - No.
EN: - It is possible. Contact: 38 (048) 737 80 08. Discounts are given to groups of 20 people or more.
EN: For this question, call: +38 (048) 737 80 08
press 0 to listen to the answering machine after dialing
+38 (066) 664 66 08
EN: - Birthday people are free entry on their birthday (if they are 18 years old or less). You should have the original birth certificate of a birthday person with you.
EN: - The exact address is Angarskaya 70/1, 7 km of the Ovidiopol Road.
EN: No, you can’t bring food and water with you. The exception is baby food with the appropriate label and marking.
EN: 72 and 72a from the railway station.
EN: - The water park is open from 10:00 to 18:00 seven days a week.
EN: Yes, this can be done in a photo studio located to the left of the entrance if you look at the entrance of the water park from the inside.
EN: - Safety precautions involve a safe descent from any water slide, which will not be possible when crowding at the side near the slide.
EN: - Water park phone: +38 048 737 80 08
EN: - A child ticket is provided for children up to 140 cm tall.
EN: Yes, you can buy on the website of the water park
Or in the application Water park Odessa:
Play Market:
App Store:аквапарк-одесса/id1215662625
More details by number: (048) 737-80-08
EN: Throughout the water park on all slides are constantly instructors for the operation of attractions
EN: - You can visit the water park on your own from the age of 17. Up to this age, an adult accompanying person is needed.
EN: A medical certificate is not required to visit the water park. The administration reserves the right to ask any client to leave if he will show external signs of health or hygiene problems.
- In the water park water temperature is +25C
EN: On the territory there are:
- Circle bar
- Restaurant
- Pizza parlour
EN: With the electronic bracelet that you receive at the entrance. Lockers are available upon request, only for adults! The number of lockers is limited!
EN: Hand them over to a storage chamber which is located at the reception.
EN: 50% discount for the whole season.
EN: Hair dryers are located in restrooms.
EN: Services are paid in cash or by electronic card.
EN: Allowed
EN: Contact the reception.
EN: Children by certificate 50% discount. Parents at full cost.
EN: Coupons are not distributed by us, but by our partners. We do not have information about distribution locations.
EN: Information about employees is confidential, and we do not own data about visitors.
EN: Discounts are not available.
EN: Discounts are not available.
For disabled group 1
50% off the full cost of ticket
EN: Prices are available only directly in establishments, if we are not talking about public events (corporate parties, birthdays)
EN: It is impossible. Re-entry is paid at full cost.
EN: Yes, there are 50 UAH per day.
EN: Yes
EN: No.
EN: at the discretion of the parents
EN: Yes, it is required at full cost.
EN: Yes, you can.
EN:Yes, you can.