Red rocket

Incredibly extreme and impressive water slide, the Red Rocket attracts daredevils of enormous height to a seven-story building and a spectacular fall. The descent on the ride always begins with a "sinking" heart, when you realize that after a second there will be the flight into the void.
A free-fall water slide is a rocket-shaped capsule. A person who wants to ride enters it without equipment. At some point, the bottom of the capsule fails and a vertical drop of nine meters begins with a powerful release of adrenaline into the blood. The descent, the speed of which reaches 15 m / s, continues through a closed pipe and ends in a long gutter with water. It is not surprising that after such an attraction emotions go wild, and you feel just like a hero-cosmonaut.

  • To avoid injuries, safety and correct descent are controlled by rescue instructors.
  • The height of the attraction is 18.5 meters.
  • Adults with a weight of 55-90 kg are allowed.
Красная ракета

Reference number: +38 048 737 80 08