Paddling pool

The Paddling pool, alias the children’s aqua-town. Is it the largest on the south of Ukraine? – you may ask. And we will honestly answer: "Yes". Last year this entertainment structure (a seemingly labyrinth, but it only seems) became a brand identity of the Odessa Waterpark. In fact, it is the favorite place of engineers, designers and architects who touched the construction of the water park. It was built as for ourselves (we suspected back then that some wanted to fall into childhood).

Safely. Warmly. Cheerfully. And suddenly! - four principles by which this object was designed. A pool for children is not so much a "pool" (or as it is called a "paddling pool" in Odessa), as a full-fledged "entertainment complex". Slides, labyrinths, waterfalls, splashes. What else is needed? Oh yes, the tireless parental supervision of children.

At arm's length, around the paddling pool there is a large sunbathing area, so you can calmly sunbathe while the children are playing. There is a restaurant and a restroom nearby. Great place for families, especially for fidget kids :)