Waterpark "Odessa" is open from 10:00 to 18:00 every day, seven days a week, throughout the season (late May - early September).

When you buy a ticket at the entrance you get a waterproof magnetic bracelet operating on the territory of the Water Park, thanks to it you open your cell in the locker room, and also turn on the cameras on the slides, photos of which you can print in the photo shop at the entrance to the Water Park.

Bracelets allow you to enter the Water Park only once!

If you leave the territory of the water park you cannot re-enter using the bracelet from the last visit.

Address: 7 km of the Ovidiopolsky road. Odessa, Ukraine. Angarskaya 70/1.

Phone: +38 048 737 80 08 (around the clock).
E-mail: aquaparkodessa@gmail.com

We are always open to cooperation.
If you have an offer and/or suggestions, send them to our e-mail with the appropriate mark ("commercial offer," feedback, "offer")

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